Friday, May 22, 2015

Review: Assets

by Christine Haggerty

The plague orphans have traveled across an ocean and arrived at their destination. In the city of Salvation Cameron Landry is at the mercy of a cast of complex characters driven by powerful motives. He's playing a dangerous role, one that may cost him his life, or even worse, the lives of his friends. Holding onto a promise made a continent away, he clings on to the one purpose he has left. But when the coin is lost, and he too is marked as a mutant gladiator, Cam discovers that people he considered enemies are in fact his strongest assets.

This book is five times better than Acquisitions. Haggerty is masterful in creating a three dimensional dystopian world so close to our own reality that it's almost tangible in very sobering way. Although it's not a place I'd like to reside, I was so emotionally vested that I cut through the pages like a hot knife through butter. I'm excited to see how the next one wraps it all up.

You can buy Assets here.
And learn more about Christine here.

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