Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Author Spotlight: Adrienne Monson

Let's talk vampires. Not the kind that sparkle or the ones who are all teenage angsty, but vampires with real substance that plot and plan and carry the baggage a millennium of living a brutal existence brings with it. This is where I introduce to Adrienne Monson. 
Adrienne has released her newest novel, Defiance, Book II in The Blood Inheritance Trilogy. But I also wanted to mention that this lovely young lady has a short story, The Monster Within included in Secrets and Doors. This girl knows her vampires, and I promise that if any of her characters were acting like a whimpering fool, they’d be history.

Me: What made you decide to write about vampires?

A: I’ve always enjoyed reading about them. I was a voracious reader in general, but there’s always been something extra about vampires. So it figures that my first published story is with the creatures I’ve always fantasized about.

Me: I’ve read historical romance all through my youth, and my favorites echo through your work. You have a talent for creating truly caddish villains. How did you perfect this art?

A: Thanks, Angela! Characters were a weak spot for me. I guess knowing what your weaknesses are help to strengthen them until they’re not a weakness anymore.

Me: Who are your favorite authors?

A: Too many to name them all! Just a few: Karen Marie Moning, Terry Goodkind, Tami Haog, Patricia Briggs.

Me: What’s in your reading queue right now?

A: There’s a lot! One I’m really looking forward to reading is Copper Descent, by Angela Hartley. I hear it’s phenomenal! ;)

Me: You have young children at home. How do you find balance between, writing, family and publication?

A: It’s called not keeping your sanity. J I lose a lot of sleep to take time to write and meet deadlines. But I feel good knowing that my family doesn’t feel like they’re getting neglected when my schedule piles up.

Me: If you could speak to the younger you, what advice would you give her?

A: Don’t ever stop writing, no matter how down you feel about your work. The more you write, the faster you’ll improve!

Thanks, Adrienne for stopping by!
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