Sunday, September 28, 2014

Review: Heart of Annihalation

Aliens, reincarnation, and a bad-ass military chick who's still willing to follow a moral compass even when her world is turned upside-down? Yes, please!

Specialist Kris Rose lives twenty-one years completely unaware of a secret government agency called the DNS until her father disappears - a mysterious coin with the word RETHA stamped into it left in his place. As she searches for clues, she's sent to investigate a paper trail leading to a warehouse full of missing ammunition also connected to RETHA. The commander is willing to kill to protect her secret, but Rose discovers the truth in the Utah Badlands, and it changes her perception of reality forever.

There's so many underlined currents running through this story, and I'm not just talking about the electrical kind. Asay touches on some pretty charged topics, like racism and prejudice on an inter-dimensional scale when her main character, Kris Rose discovers her entire life has been a lie. She's not even human, but a mass-murdering Rethan sentenced to Earth through the R.A.G.E. program.
Basically, the Rethans in the twelfth dimension are too humane to harm even their most dangerous members of society. Instead they choose to regress their criminals back to infancy and place them in the third dimension (Earth). 

I found the premise fascinating, and Asay's take on aliens refreshing. I loved the way Rose judged not by the silver of hair, but by the character of both human and alien. The tenacity of this little spitfire was admirable. She never quit, even when the odds were completely stacked against her and there was no way possible for her to go on. The duplicity of her nature was also very compelling. It goes back to the argument of nature vs. nurture argument. Are we destined to be evil or molded into our fate?

I'd recommend this novel to anyone who loves Science Fiction or Military Thrillers, and I'm excited to read the second installment next year.

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