Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bring on the Romance (School Visits Part 3)

When I was in high school, Drama was a big part of my life. Now, I'm not talking about the teenage drama, though there was plenty of angst to go around. What I meant was I loved acting. I performed in state competition every year and acted in a couple of plays. Mr. Scott even allowed me the opportunity to direct Steel Magnolias my senior year. So, Christine suggesting we turn pieces of out work into scenes for Mrs. Killian's theater kids to act out was an exciting prospect for me. When I used to act, the romantic scenes were the hardest to pull off. Naturally, I subjected these poor unsuspecting kids to exactly that in Confessions:

Being on stage is exhilarating, an experience Mackenzie from Mr. Scow's Creative Writing class might be familiar with:

The autumn air quickly settled in the forest at the end of the lane. The sun beckoning me to move forward. The sound of the wet pavement splashed under my feet. The sun shining on my face, giving me warmth down to my feet. I begin to see the end. A big crowd waiting for me. The excitement is so great, I can almost taste it. I begin to run, the soft air blowing on my face.

She definitely caught the element of anticipation the spotlight can bring.

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