Monday, March 3, 2014

School Visits

I had a very busy, but super cool week. I got to hang out with two of my favorite ladies, Christine Haggerty, and Lehua Parker, and we had the privilege of meeting a bunch of great kids. Our first group was Mrs. Killian's theater class at Union High School. These kids were enthusiastic and open to performing scenes we wrote from our compiled works. Keep in mind, they were only given minutes with a script they had never seen before. I was so impressed by their level of talent. If you would like to see "The Break-up Scene", please follow the link below:

Stay tuned throughout the week for more amazing scenes.

After visiting with Union, I sat on my first question and answer panel for a college extension class for Utah State University taught by Vini Exton. Having never graduated with a college degree, I felt a little out of my league, but my companions were very knowledgeable, and they made me feel like one of the smart kids whenever I had something to share.

Our final destination was Mr. Scow's Creative writing classes at Uintah High School. I got completely out of my comfort zone and presented a creative writing exercise concentrating on senses. The first piece I'm going to share comes from Michaela Melo:

I was walking. My pace set fast. My heart beat, thumping hard in my chest. The last remaining sunlight barely made my skin glow. I sought warmth, heat on my flesh. NO, my skin was ice, cold seeped into my body and turned to sorrow. I was sad, so sad. I was jogging now, I had to get to the sun, to the warmth, to happiness and safety. I could feel his eyes on my back. His deep gaze settled into me, causing terror, causing me to run. I had to run to the warmth, away from him. I set out to the edge of the looming forest, trying desperately to get into the safety of the light before he caught up.

Michaela sets a wonderful sense of urgency with the pacing of her words. My favorite line: The last remaining sunlight barely made my skin glow. Beautiful imagery. Stay tuned for more excerpts through the upcoming weeks. I'm telling you, these kids are AWESOME.

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